A new little green plant growing out of a sardine can

When you’re one of what Gretchen McCulloch would call ‘full internet people’ (Because Internet), who has been Very Online for quite a long time, you end up with a bunch of digital detritus that follows you around as you change and grow. I’m always torn on whether the value lies in curating the identity that captures who you are now, or in the telling of the story and making the evolution visible, or both.

Thanks to a pile of executive dysfunction, I’d been with my hosting provider for over 10 years and it was well past time for me to find a provider with better pricing and services. Transferring domains without migrating content presents a nice opportunity to ask – what do I actually want to bring with me, and in what form?

So I begin. My goal is to build a much more streamlined and lightweight online space, with low cognitive load demands. It’s intentionally a little blank and flavourless for now, as I work out what it needs to be.

If you’re looking for any previous work of mine, it may end up in an archived/static format – watch this space.

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