Digital artwork with amorphous figures and abstract textures

Temperament-inclusive workplace design – hybrid engagement model

During the first day of #ascilite2021 today, @enm181 tweeted about temperament-inclusive pedagogy and @gamerlearner drew the parallel into workplace design, which gave me some words to describe something I’ve been developing in my team of late. While I’ve been running my team’s meetings digital-first (Zoom) and multimodal (+ tools) for a while now, I’ve still

A new little green plant growing out of a sardine can

Starting new

When you’re one of what Gretchen McCulloch would call ‘full internet people’ (Because Internet), who has been Very Online for quite a long time, you end up with a bunch of digital detritus that follows you around as you change and grow. I’m always torn on whether the value lies in curating the identity that