Can we just not.

This happened on twitter earlier, because it’s edutech o’clock, but it could be any day, any conference, any speaker.
Can we please just stop with the inspirational change porn, presented via the medium of exactly the same damn lecture we’ve done for centuries. Call it whatever you like, call it all manner of buzzwordy euphemisms I see in conference programs these days, call it a TEDx, they’re all just theme and variations on the lecture. Which of itself isn’t inherently bad but when those snappy sans serif words on the slides talk about doing things differently or change or disruption or paradigm shifts I start wondering exactly why we haven’t already drowned in our own irony.

Note to six words guy – it’s not you. It’s the system. I get it.

Why do we assume the only way to transfer information of worth to others face to face en masse is some variation of a lecture? Why do even the most hardcore disrupters (sorry. drink.) default to slide decks? (I’m not exempt from this btw, god knows I have some slide decks in my closet). I just fail to understand why, in an age of edu-evangelism and futurists, we have yet to progress beyond the assemblage of people to receive information spoken to them by someone on a podium with a slide deck, side serving of death by vendor.

Why not an event where people are herded to whatever city but your information of worth is posted sentence by sentence around the place and people walk round with a google map to piece together what you have to say? Why not an event where your ideas are in the form of a Cards Against Humanity style game and they remix your inspirational stuff into their own? Why not an event where you have to knit as a metacognitive exercise? Something that’s actually a step outside the box rather than the vague gestures of sessions called think tanks or fishbowls or whatever, where it’s really still just some people talking at some other people +/- audience speaking.

Surely, by now, we can do better than this.

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