A vintage camera on a dark wooden background


One of the things that has evolved as part of my explorations of the third space is a photographic exhibition – a series of portraits of third space staff. Several paths led to this particular adventure – a need for the catharsis of making the invisible, visible; an expression of Read more…

A hand holding up a polaroid frame over a mountain landscape

Defining a third space

There’s been a long history of talking about and claiming the third space in the learning design/academic development neck of the higher education woods, and some in other spheres too, but in my observations to date it’s mostly been confined to separate role-based professional communities in the sector (eg the Read more…

Image of a Paul Klee painting

Twittering landscape

Kandinsky, he says. Paul Klee, I’m sure. They’re making the first pictures ever made of it. A whole new landscape painting. They’re picturing the view from inside of the eye, but precisely when the migraine is happening to it! Ali Smith, Autumn

Stylised graphic of overlaid question marks

How to get stories

The problem I have found with qualitative inquiry and specifically narrative inquiry is that it turns out you can’t just ask people questions. There’s a huge amount of groundwork involved in intentionally crafting a conceptual space in which another human feels safe enough to give you a story. And then Read more…

Hearing voices

What innovative design solutions are we overlooking because we aren’t hearing the voices of the full community? This is what I’m doing currently – finding ways to put our pedagogical and academic expertise aside and get all the voices in the room. Channeling our expertise into a translatory role instead Read more…