I’ve been on something of an existential adventure in the last while, call it journey or transformation or rewriting or whatever you like. In all sorts of ways I have thrown myself into the pursuit of intentionality, and a general notion of trying to be better. In doing that I felt a need to draw a line under my previous work, creating a category of ‘old, done, not any more’. I created a site for my new research project too, originally with the thought that this would be the category of ‘new’. But having done that, I still found myself wanting to say things that didn’t fit in either category – there’s still quite a lot of work I’m doing that isn’t covered by the HFS project, and then there’s the matter of saying things that aren’t about work at all. I wasn’t sure what kind of shape that could take though – one can easily fragment oneself across infinite separate sites, and I didn’t particularly want to suffer that fate but didn’t quite know what else to do.

Enter a 25-year-old article on organisational learning – quite a good article in that domain, for a start, but contained within was a platypus metaphor that spoke directly to my third space, never quite fitting, metaphor-loving heart. And thus a new era of overdone metaphor was born, giving me a space and language to capture all the stuff that doesn’t fit. A new site taxonomy, as a matter of convenience.

I can’t tell you what we’ll expect to find here. There’s likely to be a good dash of third space-ness, since I have a current project on the fly in that domain too, but perhaps we will also find things on personal growth, on change and org culture, on research, on design and pedagogy, on books or music or baking, on parenting, on intersectionality, and perhaps on CBT, chronic illness and neurodivergence. I might write often, or nearly never. But whatever comes, however and when, I’ll count on this guy to find a place for it to fit.

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