It is not necessary to force the platypus into any category, except as a matter of convenience. And when we do force the fit, we reduce opportunities for learning about the reality that is actually there.

Schein, 1993

Twittering landscape

Kandinsky, he says. Paul Klee, I’m sure. They’re making the first pictures ever made of it. A whole new landscape painting. They’re picturing the view from inside of the eye, but precisely when the migraine Read more…


TIL: emotions are just sensory feelings that we have all agreed to put a taxonomy around…! Who knew?

How to get stories

The problem I have found with qualitative inquiry and specifically narrative inquiry is that it turns out you can’t just ask people questions. There’s a huge amount of groundwork involved in intentionally crafting a conceptual Read more…

Hearing voices

What innovative design solutions are we overlooking because we aren’t hearing the voices of the full community? This is what I’m doing currently – finding ways to put our pedagogical and academic expertise aside and Read more…