Memebase your thesis.

Just a quick aside and 5-minute challenge on the back of reading this article about effective dissemination of research. Blyth makes the excellent point: ‘Turn it into things people can understand, let go of the academese, and people will engage’.

To which point – I think there’s value in using interweb zeitgeist to communicate your research in ways that are much more fun, approachable and grokable (is that a word? Is now) than a rambling paper full of polysyllabic guff. Why not memebase your research questions, or knock up a ‘What I Do’ poster instead of a conclusion? Turn your case study methodology into a ’15 amazing’ Twistedsifter post. Chuck Norris your validity analysis. Aside from being amusing, it’s an excellent exercise in brevity and isolating the key features of your research, and an excellent way not to take yourself so seriously. Why not take 5 minutes and give it a shot?

Want to play? your research question/s, and tag them #thesismeme. Why not. I did.

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