Development of Research Blogs

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I’ll admit this presentation was posted here accidentally. I had vodpodded it to use as a potential resource in a workshop, but didn’t realise I had auto-publish set up from Vodpod. However, rather than deleting it, I thought I’d use it as encouragement to actually write a post.

Professional blogging is something I struggle with time- and inspiration-wise. Research blogging even more so. I am very guilty of not following my own advice. Must do better.

What interests me about research blogging is that it’s changing what academic writing looks like. Once upon a time, published research meant a book, chapter or journal article. That was it. Every time you wanted to publish your research you had to submit to the powers that be and wait for approval. Not so now. Anyone can publish their research at any point, in any form, in a blog. The rate, scope and quality of research information available to us has skyrocketed. There is a vibrant and dynamic community of self-published researchers to be accessed online.

My question is – when will research methodology catch up? Why am I still asked to search locked-down, tired databases for journal content? Why do some look at a list of blog posts and Slideshare links in a bibliography and scoff? What qualifies ‘paper’ literature as legit?

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