Badge literacy: a field guide

Following on in my thinking about badges, Colin’s comment re: badge literacy on my last post deserves some exploration. Little graphics that you stick on some website somewhere are a hard sell to a university, because: 1. Boy Scouts. The actual concept is identical and the niche for this type Read more…

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Ascilite 2014 presentation

For those of you who missed it or for some reason want to watch it again, here’s the recording and slides from my #ascilite2014 presentation yesterday. Ascilite 2014 presentation from Sarah Thorneycroft on Vimeo. Ascilite 2014 presentation from Sarah Thorneycroft

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I’ve been a bit slack about getting this up here given it was a couple of weeks ago, but better late than never, yes? At any rate, SAFFIRE was a festival of innovation-y things and general pot-stirring hosted by UC as part of their SAF-funded initiatives. A few of us Read more…

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How sustainable is sustainable?

Last week I flirted with the idea of nominating for an OLT citation (ultimately, didn’t happen, didn’t get my institutional EOI in on time). What struck me, though, was the requirement that ‘your excellence be sustained over time’. Which means that any project you nominate has to have run for Read more…